Holocaust Facts - Index

What was the Holocaust?

Who perpetrated the Holocaust?

Who was Adolf Hitler?

What was the Nazi Party?

What were Ghettos?

Did all Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe live in ghettos?

What was the SS?

Who was Heinrich Himmler?

How did the Germans know who was Jewish?

What were the Nuremberg Laws?

Why were Jews targeted for persecution and annihilation?

Did the persecution of Jews start with their deportation to ghettos and concentration camps?

What was “Kristallnacht”?

Were Jews the only victims of Nazi persecution?

What was Nazi Germany?

Was the international community aware of Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews?

When and how did the international community learn about the Holocaust?

Did any governments attempt to save Jews from persecution before the outbreak of World War II?

Were the Nazis the only antisemites in pre-war Europe?

How did the Nazis exploit their Jewish victims?

Did the Nazis intend to annihilate Jews from the beginning?

What was the “Final Solution”?

What were the Einsatzgruppen?

Were perpetrators forced to kill?

Were all perpetrators of the Holocaust German?

What is the difference between a concentration camp and an extermination camp?

Why is Auschwitz so important?

Why did the German authorities use gas chambers?

Was Auschwitz the only camp built by the Nazis?

Were all Jews who died during the Holocaust killed in gas chambers?

Why do some Jews who survived the Holocaust have a number tattooed on their arm?

What were the Operation Reinhard camps?

What was Mauthausen?

What was Buchenwald?

What was Bergen-Belsen?

What was Theresienstadt and why is it sometimes called Terezin?

What happened at Jasenovac?

What happened in Transnistria?

What were some of the other major Nazi concentration and death camps?

What happened to the dead bodies?

What were Death Marches?

Who liberated the Nazi concentration camps and extermination centers?

Did Jews try to resist the Nazis?

How did Jews fight back physically?

What were the partisan movements?

Did Jewish women experience the Holocaust differently than Jewish men?

Did you know that a group of Jewish women inmates kept 149 children alive in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp?

Did you know that thousands of Jewish children left Germany without their parents to escape Nazi persecution?

Did Jews manage to maintain their cultural and/or religious traditions despite persecution?

Did you know that the spiritual leader of German Jewry rejected opportunities to save himself?

Who was Primo Levi?

Who was Simone Veil?

Who was Anne Frank?

Who are Serge and Beate Klarsfeld?

Who was Elie Wiesel?

Did you know that at least six Holocaust survivors won the Nobel Prize?

What were the Jewish Councils?

What was the Ringelblum Archive and how was it found hidden in milk cans after the war?

Who was Adolf Eichmann?

What is the difference between “Holocaust” and “Shoah”?

How do we know how many Jews died in the Holocaust?

Were all Jews who died in the Holocaust German?

What happened to the surviving Jews after the end of World War II?

What happened to the senior Nazi leadership after the end of World War II?

Were other perpetrators of the Holocaust punished?

What is genocide?

Have there been other genocides?