Were all Jews who died in the Holocaust German?


Not all Jews who died during the Holocaust were German. In fact, the Jewish victims of the Holocaust came from nearly all of the countries in Europe.

While roughly 230,000 Jews from Germany and Austria were killed during the Holocaust, between 2,770,000 and 3,000,000 Jews from Poland were killed – more than from any other country. It is estimated that approximately 1,340,000 Jews from German-occupied territories of the USSR, and over half a million Jews from Hungary perished.

Other countries whose respective Jewish populations were significantly diminished during the Holocaust included Romania (300,000 killed), Czechoslovakia (260,000 killed), the Baltic States (200,000 killed), the Netherlands (over 100,000 killed), France (between 72,900 and 74,000 killed), and Greece (more than 60,000 killed).

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