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What was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the attempt by Nazi Germany and its collaborators to murder the Jews of Europe.
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What was the Nazi Party?

The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) was an extreme right wing German political party founded in 1920 after Germany’s defeat in World War I.
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Who perpetrated the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was conceived of, planned, and directed by the Nazi-German regime led by Adolf Hitler.
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Who was Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was the leader (Führer), or unchallenged dictator, of Germany from 1933, when he came to power, until April 30, 1945, when he committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin.
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What were Ghettos?

Ghettos were districts of towns and cities in German-occupied eastern Europe in which Jews were forced to live segregated from the wider population.
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Did all Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe live in ghettos?

Not all Jews were forced to live in ghettos during the Holocaust.

What was the SS?

The SS (Schutzstaffel; Protection Squadrons) was originally a paramilitary organization that provided security to the Nazi Party.
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